Box: Uncanny Stories, the by Richard Matheson My rating: 3 of 5 stars I’m not sure if it was the narration of Grover Cleveland (which was not bad, but not great), or the lack of production (like a definable break between stories), but whatever my reasons, the reasons why this collection didn’t set my heart […]

I was really set for this mini-series (this bit is important, but I’ll be back) looked promising, based on a book I really enjoyed. It’s a typical King Tale – small town, unusual circumstances, unimaginable terror, more terror from people who called themselves “neighbors”, FINALE! I wasn’t crazy about how the book ended and the […]

2009 PG-13, 84 minutes A group of thrill-seeking teens determined to find out whether paranormal activity exists on remote Munger Road uncover secrets of a deadly variety. Meanwhile, local cops race to contain the horror the teens have unleashed. (Netflix) Starring: Bruce Davidson, Randall Batinkoff, Trevor Morgan, Brooke Peoples Writer/Director: Nicholas Smith Produced by: Insomnia […]