Back in 2005, I was a unpublished writer scouring listings for places to submit. I’d been actively submitting my short stories to all sorts of markets, mostly magazines I knew or had heard good things about. In a desperate reach I punched into Google “horror submissions short story”and lo and behold saw a call for […]

This really is about as clichéd as they come, and Lord knows every writer has a story about a writer who dances the razor’s edge of realism/insanity. This story is proof that you can have a decent idea, but if the execution is sloppy and the theme doesn’t connect with a story, or the story […]

Boosting the signal, because any group that pretends to fight “bullies” (read: people with a differing opinion) while acting like bullies themselves (stalking, personal information, slander) needs to be run out on a rail. Preferably tied to the wheels. I’d like to get a certain website, Stop the GR Bullies, shut down. I’m all for free […]