This seems to be one of those s00pr sekrits I had no idea I was keeping. The annual anthology of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers is out, Erie Tales: Tales of the Apocalypse/Resurrection Mary, and wee me has two new stories inside. For the Apocalypse, I have a Western (I know!) entitled Caliente, and the […]

(This is a glorified recipe thread – originally posted on another forum). You are cordially invited to Penda’s Party of Past Lives, Celebrating the Passed on and Passed Over. Because this is make-believe and we have all of the time in the world, you are required to bring two dishes. Give me two – appetizers, main course, […]

(with apologies to Jack Benny and Warner Bros) There was some excitement in Casa Stormer this week as Loki brought home a friend. Now my Loki is not a small cat by any stretch of the imagination and he is often mistaken for a sunning hippo when on the back patio, however his size belies […]

Yeah, that is a pretty clever title. For a little over five years, those who write (as well as those who think they can) have been bickering over the death of Print, as if it’s some bitter old Grand Dame too stubborn to finally croak and leave her millions of readers in their capable hands. When […]