My story goes like this …

In my office building, there is a “deli” downstairs run by a mid-sized catering company (quotation marks because the image your mind forms of “deli” is nothing like the reality of what’s downstairs). When they first moved in almost a year ago, this seemed like it was going to be a good fit. The previous […]

It’s Passover, and while I’m not even remotely Jewish, I can appreciate the symbolism and the family togetherness.  I was a little shocked  when I saw a random Tweet that wished an equally random “Happy Passover”. I didn’t realize the year was passing so quickly. I immediately thought of this post I’d made in 2009 when Passover fell a […]

(if this looks familiar, it’s because I post a version of it every year)  It was 15 years ago today that Douglas Stormer married MontiLee Points in Las Vegas, Nevada.    We had saved up our money for over a year, planned two and a half days on the train, three days in Vegas and […]