Blast from the Past – “Can O’ Grease”

I have a Livejournal, and the duck cross-posts to it automatically because I am lazy. I don’t hang out there much anymore,  mostly because it’s blocked at work so I can’t surf, and (again) I am lazy. Plus, most of the people I chat with now post to Facebook (which this lazy blog also cross-posts […]

This is textbook Professionalism 101. Authors, when encountering a review that is not as glowing or complimentary as you would have liked, there are two things you should do: 1 – Don’t respond 2 – Really, don’t respond Natural inclination is to jump in defend your baby with your last cutting word, however, authors get […]

If you’re an author with Dorchester/Leisure, it’ll forget your name, give the breakfast you made to the dog, give you some excuse why they haven’t called, and expect that you make breakfast for all of its buddies. You want cab fare? And your name again, one more time … Mary Sangiovanni writes about Dorchester (her […]

From: MontiLee To: contests@dorchesterpub.comDate: Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 10:30 PMSubject:Top 20 Titles that should be an E-book Hello, How about any 20 titles where the author actually receives compensation per their contract? How about 20 titles you actually own the rights to publish and distribute? When you guys get around to paying your authors maybe […]