Cue the bleeding walls

(there is a version of this on PW, because I needed feedback from a more open-minded bunch…) I have two fears in life – spiders and ghosts. It matters not whether or not you believe in ghosts, because I do, and they terrify me in ways I can’t understand or rationalize. Yet I love ghosts […]

Caught a blog post by Shaun Jeffrey about the future of publishing and it got me thinking about self-publishing and why I think is’s a no-win situation for anyone. Serious thoughtful posts like these come up more and more lately as publishing houses, both big and small, re-evaluate the future of books in general. Digital […]

It’s no secret that I love my audio books. I am a multiple-format reader, but due to personal space, my paper copies are regulated to my stuff,  gifts, hardcovers I’m already collecting (yes, I’m the nut with every Stephen King original trade hardcover), and treasured works from people I (kinda) know. Everything else, I have either in […]