I’m less than 24 hours into thinking I want a change in my life so I’m still in high research mode. Being a mortician Is a lofty goal right now, so I understand I need to set my sights a little lower, say an autopsy tech, or even sexton at one of the local boneyards. […]

I often wonder if maybe I might be aphasic. Writing, this isn’t an issue. The words come to my fingers and I know how to self edit, but it’s the speaking, where my brain and my mouth seem fresh off a heated argument and all that remains is the chilly politeness that makes others uncomfortable. […]

Hello, I’d like to take a moment to discuss a scary personal issue affecting members of my family. I’d like to talk about … Phantom Vag. Phantom Vag is an uncommon, but serious affliction, targeting those who just don’t give a sparkling pony’s diarrheatic fart about the Twilight or the new movie, Breaking Dawn, Part […]