It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Yeah, I could feel that wince all the way over here. So it’s September 29, 2010 and in 26 hours, the 9th Annual Boobiethon kicks off, drawing wallets and eyes to the internets to catch more than a cupful of the generous ladies (and men) donating skin for a great cause. Okay, not skin you […]

Real quick and dirty like because NCIS is on and I’ve got words to write. Decided to tune in last Tuesday  (9/21) to watch the ABC Premier of Detroit 1-8-7, getting all caught up in the excitement of watching my hometown get the kind of police procedural treatment larger cities like Chicago, New York and […]

So, beneath my black little heart lies a smaller heart that has a love for yarn crafts.               Except I do the occasional project for others. I’ve made hats and vests and sweaters, but this past week I had the opportunity to help some darling little girls dress their […]

The seasons change, the air grows crisp, the leaves lie dead on the ground. But other things stir beneath the leaves, beneath the dirt, in crypts and in coffins – and they wait. Oh, I think they may be waiting for you. All Hallows Eve approaches dark and stealthy like a feral cat and the […]

I saw Paranormal Activity at a late showing one evening last winter, braving the icy roads for the thrill of a $5.00 movie and a 32 oz soda served in a cup they won’t let you pee in. It was no Blair Witch Project,  which as someone secure in her geekiness can honestly say I […]