Leaving so soon?

Okay, I get it.  I’m spoiled.  I’ve lived in the same apartment for 14 years.  I have a driveway in which to park. I have a backyard in which to plant flowers, erect patio sets and entertain.  I have free laundry facilities and a hands-off landlord.  I’ve had some of the quietest, most non-intrusive neighbors […]

December wasn’t nearly the giggle I would have liked for it to be. While some issues are still pending, at least one item was completed with an unmistakable finality. My grandmother went to her reward.  BETHESDA ELEANORA W. POINTS (April 10th, 1924 – November 26th, 2009) Retired Detroit Public School Educator, mother of former State […]

While you’d think the Gacy story caught my eye CNN’s Justice Page this morning, you’d be mistaken. It was the typo, that actually had me searching the dictionary to make cure it wasn’t some new word of which I was previously unaware. The Gacy write-up was just coconut pecan icing on the German Chocolate cake. […]

If Rob died, we hope you would be grief-stricken enough over his death that you wouldn’t make a fuss over your ten bucks. If not, though, some relative would be assigned to settle his estate and he would be sure to leave them a note with instructions on pro-rating and delivering your refund. Or, possibly, […]