Fingerprints (2006) – Review

I get the feeling that the people that give this movie anything more than two stars are Kristin Cavallari fans because it takes that kind of hardcore stan-ing to overlook the poor writing, the reality television caliber “acting”, and the staccato, closed-head injury story plotting.   It’s a ghost story, it’s a deeply hidden town […]

So yes, that is my group you see advertised on CW50 Community pages, because we really are about giving back to the City we love. Join the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers for an afternoon of conversation centering around the creative side of the writing process. Outlines? Prompts? Contests? Is writing really like opening a […]

Our Helen, I know your bum’s a bit red from the recent lashings, but look, dear, it’s really quite simple. You can rant and rave about journalism and Freedom of the Press all Day – please, feel free. It is your Constitutional right, after all.  The unspoken side of that right is pulling up your […]