And there was rejoicing in the streets . . .

Clever idea from author JC Hutchins in promoting his new book, Personal Effects:  Dark Arts (St. Martin’s Press, June 2009).  Because I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing following other sheep, I had to do this too. The commitment paper was completely worth it. Go on – get committed! Original (revised) Text: Temporary transfer from […]

It’s a meme going arond on FaceSpace, so I’m partaking.  Pick an artist/band and complete the following sentences with their songs.  It’s a lot harder than it looks, specially when your artist of choice has a limited discography. 1. Are you a male or female: “W-O-M-A-N” 2. Describe yourself: “It’s too Soon to Know” 3. […]

Making these right now.  Had to search online for the recipe, so thank Warren for not deleting anything – ever – and Rachel Young who had the good common sense to post this as well. Guinness Brownies: 4 eggs 3/4 C. sugar 8 oz. Baker’s unsweetened chocolate, chopped 4 oz. white chocolate, chopped 6 T. […]