Crochet and other things that keep me from writing.

Yeah, yeah, I owe a ridiculous post, but I’m in the middle of something. Recently I re-discovered Cardcaptors, which is something I got caught up in during it’s brief American incarnation and as I tend to do, I got a little fixated. On Kero-chan: I know,  he’s so cute and sweet, your teeth are falling […]

Alaina Reed Hall, a singer and actress who played Olivia Robinson on “Sesame Street” for a dozen years beginning in the mid-1970s and later played Rose Holloway on the situation comedy “227,” has died. She was 63. Reed Hall, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, died Thursday at Saint John’s Health Center in […]

I have a month’s worth of tales to tell you – needless to say it hasn’t been an easy one – but maybe this will tide you over for a while. Nice showing by three members of Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers in this installment: Michael Cieslak, Peggy Christie, and Yours Truly, MontiLee Stormer. […]

London, England CNN — An erotic blogger whose double life as a prostitute became a hit TV series has ended years of fevered speculation by revealing her most intimate secret — her true identity. Brooke Magnanti, a cancer specialist at a university in western England, unmasked herself in a British newspaper as the woman behind […]