Tonight Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will hide behind the rostrum of a church and pretend to apologize, look repentant, maybe give the camera sad doggy eyes. There will be no congregation, no media, no questions. He will look into a camera and lie to the people that tune in tonight at 7:30 p.m. This is easier […]

Beatty Shows Her Balls Are Bigger So yesterday proved how much of a coward Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick really is.  His Chief of Staff and future co-defendant, Christine Beatty, resigned her position.  It was a short letter that pretty much read like the Microsoft Word template it was cribbed from which highlighted her achievements (sadly not […]

Of course, some of us saw this coming. You don’t have a man like Hizzona’ Kwame Kilpatrick in office without knowing the man is dirty. I’ve always called the man a baby-eating thug, but that’s beside the point. You look at his mother and his mistress and it’s obvious he’s only looking out for himself. […]